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Welcome to the Monacos-in-Motion Website - where Members lead other Members on Motorcoach Caravans around our beautiful country.  Click on Icon below to learn more about some of our Planned Caravans.

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~ Upcoming Caravans ~
Shenandoah Valley "Rally"
Wednesday, August 10th to Tuesday, August 30th
Shenandoah Valley 2016 - Our next caravan is a trip through the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  Wilt and Barb Greenwood and Ed and Connie Tilman have planned a great caravan that will travel through America’s “bread basket” of the nation during the mid-1800’s.  The caravan will explore some colonial America history, Civil War history, local caverns, mountain music, and several “fun” activities.  The caravan flyer (listing costs, expectation of caravan members, and a summary of proposed activities) and application are included at the end of this newsletter.  The dates for the caravan are August 10-30, 2016.  This is after the Massachusetts FMCA rally next summer.  So, while you are in the general area, you may as well join the Greenwoods and Tilmans for a good time.
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Wednesday, August 31st to Sunday, December 31st
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