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Welcome to the Monacos-in-Motion Website - where Members lead other Members on Motorcoach Caravans around our beautiful country.  Click on Icon below to learn more about some of our Planned Caravans.

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~ Upcoming Caravans ~
Shenandoah Valley "Rally"
Wednesday, August 10th to Tuesday, August 30th
Shenandoah Valley 2016 - Our next caravan is a trip through the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  Wilt and Barb Greenwood and Ed and Connie Tilman have planned a great caravan that will travel through America’s “bread basket” of the nation during the mid-1800’s.  The caravan will explore some colonial America history, Civil War history, local caverns, mountain music, and several “fun” activities.  The caravan flyer (listing costs, expectation of caravan members, and a summary of proposed activities) and application are included at the end of this newsletter.  The dates for the caravan are August 10-30, 2016.  This is after the Massachusetts FMCA rally next summer.  So, while you are in the general area, you may as well join the Greenwoods and Tilmans for a good time.
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Wednesday, August 31st to Sunday, December 31st
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~ Club News ~
Monacos in Motion Business Meeting
Posted on Sep 29th, 2015 Comments (0)
Manitowoc, Wisconsin Monacos in Motion Meeting
Monacos in Motion held a business meeting at the Manitowoc pre rally.  During the meeting, it was announced that our vice president, Joann Bush, submitted her resignation from the office.  George Cederholm was appointed to the vice president position.  George will also retain his position a secretary of the club. Details of the meeting can be read in the meeting minutes included later in the newsletter.
Upcoming Elections
At the upcoming Monacos in Motion meeting to be held in March 2016, the club will hold elections for the offices of president, treasurer, national director, and alternate national director.  The club needs you to consider running for one of these offices.  Monacos in Motion only survives by having its members participate.  The nominating committee has identified candidates for some of the positions, but still needs to fill out the slate.  Please contact a member of the nominating committee (Mitch Mitchell, Barb Greenwood, or Joann Bush) to let them know you are able to serve in one of the offices