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Upcoming Caravans

2020 Post-GEAR Kentucky Roamin' Caravan
Sunday, October 4th at Lewisburg, WV
Unfortunately, both Jim and Melva Crimmins' 2019 Post-Balloon Fiesta Caravan and their 2020 California Wine Country Caravan have had to be canceled.  We're all very disappointed, but sometimes circumstances just conspire against us! However, there's light at the end of the tunnel - the Greenwoods, Tilmans and Wolfes are planning a caravan of approximately 19 days exploring the attractions of the state of Kentucky, with a little of West Virginia thrown in for good measure. This caravan will take place immediately following the 2020 FMCA GEAR Rally, and will leave from the site of that rally, the West Virginia State Fairgrounds in Lewisburg, WV. Think bourbon, horses, caverns, trains, bluegrass , whatever. More details on this event later - watch this spot.       Kentucky Roamin Entry Form