Monacos-in-Motion Monacos-in-Motion
Club Governance

Adopted November 28, 1997
Amended January 30, 1998
Amended  August 15, 2001
Amended March 14, 2002
Amended March 16, 2003
Amended July 14, 2003
Amended August 12, 2004
Amended March 17, 2006
Amended July 9, 2008
Amended March 16, 2010
Amended March 11, 2011
Amended August 8, 2014
Amended July 29, 2016

1.      Limit membership to owners of Monaco motorized brand models  manufactured by  Monaco Coach Corporation and Monaco RV, LLC, including Beaver, Holiday Rambler and Safari Coaches, Royale Coach, coaches manufactured by Executive Industries and all Monaco coaches manufactured prior to 1992, who are also members of Monaco International.
2.   Terms of office: President, Vice President(s), Secretary, and Treasurer are to be elected for a term of one (1) year or until their successors’ are elected. A second (1) year term in any office is at the option of the office holder. A third one (1) year term would be by vote of the membership. President, Vice President(s), Secretary, and Treasurer shall serve no more than three (3) consecutive one (1) year terms per office. The National Director and Alternate National Director shall be elected for a term of one year.
3.    Election of officers shall be at the Monacos in Motion annual business meeting at the Monaco International Pre-Rally which precedes an FMCA International Convention beginning with the Monaco International Pre-Rally preceding the Summer FMCA International Convention in 2012 and will be effective immediately following the meeting at which the election takes place. Should FMCA hold more than one International Convention in a future year and Monaco International hold Pre-Rallies preceding them, then Monacos in Motion annual elections will be held at the first Monaco International Pre-Rally in that year.
4.    A One time initiation fee of $25.00 shall be assessed each member unit to cover administration costs, chapter badges, and chapter flag.
5.    The annual dues for membership in the Chapter shall be $15.00.
6.    A reinstatement fee for delinquent members shall be $15.00 plus current dues.
7.    The Caravan Leader(s) will make his or her caravan self-supporting.
8.    When determining the caravan fee, the Caravan Leader will include $2.00 per day per coach and the sum of $450.00, effective January 1, 2017. In addition, Monacos-in-Motion, from its club Treasury will subsidize each caravan to the extent of $300.00 plus $25 times the number of nights of the caravan, said amount not to be included in calculating the caravan fee. The total of all such monies in this paragraph is to be used to help defray the caravan leader’s cost of setting up the caravan. If a co-leader is involved in the caravan, the caravan leader shall determine how these monies are to be apportioned among the leaders to defray costs. It is chapter policy for the leaders to accept these monies and not to use them to reduce the cost of the caravan.
9.    The Caravan Leader(s) shall be responsible for submitting a detailed accounting of all income and expenses within thirty (30) days from the completion of the caravan.
10.  The Caravan Leader may, with good cause and for the general good, recommended the suspension or expulsion of any member of this chapter who willfully and unreasonably disobeys a proper request from the Caravan Leader in matters involving conduct, fraud, health, welfare, or safety of the assembled group or the public at large. Such recommendation for suspension or expulsion shall be made in writing to the meeting of the Board Committee plus not less than four additional chapter members, not a party to the proceeding, to hear the charges and defense. The participants of this special meeting shall, after due deliberation and upon a two-thirds vote, take such action as it deems appropriate to the situation.
11.   Caravans shall be open to Monacos-in-Motion members only up until the enrollment registration deadline for a caravan has passed. Thereafter, Caravan Leaders, at their discretion, may invite other Monaco family brand owners (Beaver, Holiday Rambler and Safari) to enroll in a caravan if the caravan is not already filled with Monaco coach owners.
12.    A member of the Chapter who no longer owns a qualifying coach and was a member in good standing at the time of acquiring a non-qualifying coach may, if desired, retain or regain membership as a Chapter Associate member. A Chapter Associate member will be required to pay dues and may participate in and lead caravans. Chapter Associate members will not be eligible to hold any chapter office or vote in chapter elections but are entitled to all other chapter membership rights. Although Associate Membership is not described in the Monacos in Motion By-laws, it is recognized in the FMCA By-laws. (August 2006)
By Laws

An International Chapter of the Family Motor Coach Association
Adopted November 28, 1997
Amended August 15, 2000
Amended August 4, 2011

The name of this not-for-profit organization shall be the MONACOS IN MOTION, AN International Chapter of the Family Motor Coach Association, Inc., hereinafter referred to as Chapter and FMCA.


1.  PURPOSE:  This Chapter exists to provide a minimum of two (2) caravans per year led by members, for members, for the promotion of social, recreational, and informational activities for the enjoyment and pleasurable use of family member coaches.

2.  DESCRIPTION: This Chapter shall be authorized to function as an international group covering the geographical area of the North American Continent.


1.  ELIGIBILITY; To be eligible for and to maintain membership in the Chapter, a person must own a Monaco coach, as defined in the standing rules, (FMCA-approved coach), be in good standing with FMCA, and meet the dues requirement and provisions set forth in the Bylaws of this Chapter.
            A.  Membership in this Chapter shall not be denied any person because of race, sex, religion, color, marital or family status, age, nationality, or disability.

2.  DEFINITION:  The term “member” as used herein is defined by FMCA as a family unit consisting of a husband and wife, or adult person(s), with or without children.

            A.  ANNUAL DUES: Annual payment of Chapter and National dues enables persons to become active members and entitled to all rights and privileges of the Chapter and FMCA. T he annual dues for membership in the Chapter shall be an amount as the membership shall establish.
            B.  RENEWAL:  Renewal dues from Chapter members become due and payable December 1st each year, being delinquent January 1st,   the beginning of the calendar year.
            C.  INITIAL APPLICATION:  Application for new membership shall be accompanied by payment of annual Chapter and National dues (unless already an FMCA member with proof of membership). If an initial application is accepted after October 1st. the dues shall be regarded as covering the next membership year, being January 1st to December 31st.
            D.  INITIATION FEE:  New and reinstated members may be required to pay an initiation/administration fee in an amount to be established by the members.
            E.  ARREARS:  Any member whose dues remain unpaid for more than three months after becoming due shall have their membership AUTOMATICALLY TERMINATED.


The Executive board shall consist of the President,, Vice President(s), Secretary, Treasurer, Newsletter Editor shall be an ex-officio member, non-voting, of the Executive Board.


1.  AUTHORITY:  This Chapter shall be democratically self-governed, deriving its existence and authority from the consent of its membership assembled in meeting or, in certain instances, as determined by the members by a mail vote on stated propositions.

2.  GOVERNING BODY:  The Executive Board shall administer the affairs of this chapter.

3.  ORGANIZATION YEAR:  The fiscal and membership year of the Chapter shall commence on January 1, and end on December 31.

4.  REIMBURSEMENTS:  The treasurer shall reimburse all reasonable expenses incurred on behalf of the chapter upon receipt of detailed documentation.  All other reimbursements must be approved by the President and/or the Executive Board.


            A. TYPES:  The term “meeting” shall include caravans, coach rallies, camp-outs, dinner meetings, and any other gatherings suitable to the function of the Chapter.
            B.  BUSINESS MEETINGS:  The Chapter must hold at least one (1) business meeting each membership year at which a quorum is present.
            C.  ANNUAL ELECTION:  At the Annual Business Meeting the general membership will vote to fill the necessary offices for the coming year which may include President, Vice-President(s), Secretary, Treasurer, National Director, and Alternate National Director.
            D.  QUORUM:  A quorum for the transaction of business at any duly-called Chapter meeting is twenty-five percent (25%) of the Chapter family unit membership or fifteen (15) family unit members, whichever is less.
            E.  VOTING:  Except as specified elsewhere in these Bylaws, a simple majority vote of members in good standing and voting shall be required to approve or disapprove any matter.
                        1.  The Chapter has established that each member in good standing shall have one (1) vote. See Article III 1 (i.e., family unit with one member one (1) vote, family unit with two (2) members two votes).
                        2.  To be eligible to vote (other than by mail ballot) a member must be present for voting.
                        3.  Balloting by mail may be undertaken when a proposed matter is voted to be of such importance or urgency by the Executive Board and/or the membership that a total membership vote is desirable.
            F.  PARLIAMENTARY PROCESS:  The rules contained in ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER NEWLY REVISED shall govern this Chapter and in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the Constitution and Bylaws of FMCA, and of this Chapter.

6.  MAINTAINING AFFILIATION:  This Chapter must maintain a minimum of fifteen (15) family unit members.
            A.  The Chapter Secretary shall furnish to the National Office of FMCA, no later than the last week in December, a list of its membership, a list of its incumbent Chapter officers, and certify that one (1)  business meeting was held.

7.  ANNUAL AUDIT:  An annual audit of the Chapter’s financial books and records shall be undertaken and reported to the membership.

8.  APPLICATION OF NATIONAL CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS. This Chapter accepts and agrees that the Chapter Bylaws shall conform with any mandatory requirements stipulated in the National Constitution and Bylaws of FMCA.


            A.  The Nominating Committee shall consist of not less than three (3) Chapter members in good standing, nominated and elected by the Chapter membership.
            B.  This Committee shall nominate candidates for the Chapter Offices, including a President, Vice-President(s), Secretary, Treasurer, National Director, and Alternate National Director.
            C.  Election of an individual to the Nominating Committee shall not prohibit that person or any other member in good standing from being nominated from the floor for any elective office.

            A.  To present a slate of qualified and eligible candidates either solicited by the committee or made known to the committee to be presented for voting by the chapter membership. Nominations may also be made from the floor.
                        1.  The Nominating Committee shall make known their slate of candidates for publication in the chapter newsletter prior to the scheduled election meeting.
            B.  To obtain clear acceptance of the candidates to serve the Chapter should they be elected.
            C.  To make certain that nominated candidates ate members in good standing and qualified under applicable National and Chapter bylaws.
            D.  The Nominating Committee Chairperson may serve as the presiding officer in conducting the election.
            E.  To nominate candidates to fill offices should they become vacant.


1.  DUTIES OF OFFICERS:  The duties of elected officers shall be as defined in the STANDING RULES and FMCA BYLAWS.

2.  TERMS OF OFFICE:  The elected officers of this Chapter shall serve a term of office as prescribed in the STANDING RULES. The National Director and Alternate National Director will be elected annually.

            A.  An individual FMCA member may hold chapter officer(s) in only one (1) chapter.
            B.  Individual FMCA members may hold no more than two (2) offices in the same chapter.
            C.  Only Full Members, Full Lifetime Members, Life Members, or Honorary Members who have advanced from one of these classes, have the right to hold office in FMCA or this chapter.
            D.  No official or member shall become vested of any right, title to, or interest in any Chapter property, except as required by law.


1.  COMMITTEES: Committee members and chairpersons (except Nominating Committee) shall be appointed by the President.

2.  DUTIES OF CHAIRPERSONS:  All Committees shall function within the policies of the Chapter and (except Nominating Committee) under the direction of the President.
            A.  Detailed financial reports, vouchers, and monies due the Chapter shall be submitted within thirty (30) days of the conclusion of the event.

3.  QUORUM:  A Committee quorum shall be two thirds (2/3) of committee.

1.  AMENDING PROCEDURE: The standing rules maybe amended by a majority vote of the members present at any business meetings.
            A.  Any member of the chapter may propose changes in the standing rules by submitting in writing said proposed change(s) to the Secretary prior to Executive Board meeting for review before presentation at the scheduled business meeting.
            B. Approved amendments to the Standing Rules become effective immediately upon their adoption, or as specified in the amendment.


1.  MANDATORY AMENDMENTS:  Amendments applicable to Chapter operations shall be automatically adopted as may be required by mandatory amendments to the National FMCA Constitution and Bylaws. Such mandatory amendments are not subject to voting by the Chapter membership.

2.  AMENDING PROCEDURE: Any member of the chapter may propose changes to the BYLAWS by submitting in writing said proposed change(s) to the Secretary at least 60 days prior to a scheduled meeting.
            A.  Bylaws may be amended by a sixty six percent (66%) affirmative vote of the members present either at a duly-called meeting or voting by ballot without a meeting (mail ballot) providing that prior notice of at least thirty (30) days has been given of proposition(s) to amend.
            B.  Approved amendments become effective immediately upon their adoption, or as specified in the amendment.


1.  In the event of dissolution of the Monacos In Motion Chapter of FMCA, by majority vote of the Chapter membership, all of the remaining assets of the Chapter shall be contributed to the purpose(s) for which the Chapter was organized, or to a qualified non-profit charity or charities.